A Slice of Life: An Invitation

July 31, 2008 at 2:55 pm (A Slice of Life) (, )

Welcome to “A Slice of Life,” where you can read and chew on what God has been doing in my life. I hope it will whet your appetite for the Bread of Life, our Savior Jesus Christ, as well as for the living water which He gives, namely His word.

I have been a Christian, walking with and growing in the Lord, for ten years now. I’m still a young woman (in my early twenties) with a lot to learn, but God has so blessed me over the past decade that I can’t help but want to share what He’s done so that others might also grow to treasure Him more and delight in pleasing Him! Through joys and tears, successes and failures, confidence and insecurity, praise and persecution, encouragement and lonliness, my great God and Savior has, by His word and His Holy Spirit at work in me, taught me His ways. And He’s especially taught me to cling to Him-my heart’s greatest treasure!

It is my prayer that as you see what He’s done in me and taught me through His word, you might be encouraged toward love and good deeds, delighting in God above all else. So I invite you to sample a slice of my life from time to time in hopes that you will then feast on that which is life indeed! 🙂

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