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August 5, 2008 at 1:36 pm (A Slice of Life, Poetry) (, , , , , )

A couple of years ago I was reading through the book of Isaiah the prophet, arguably the most evangelistic (good-news communicating) book in the Old Testament. In it we see God’s purity and His hatred for sin, but at the same time His immense love for His people and His faithfulness to His covenant with Abraham–as well as an overwhelming number of references to the coming Messiah, the ultimate good news. Through Isaiah, and many of the Old Testament prophets and even through Jesus our Lord, God continually pleaded with the stubborn hearts of Israel, calling them to return to Him and escape the punishment that was due them because of their idolatry. Meditating on all that I was reading, I began to see God’s heart: His faithfulness, His holiness, His offer of mercy…that He desires for none to perish, but for all to come to have life in His name. We cannot begin to fathom the depth of God’s love, especially for those of us who believe.

The same offer is made to stubborn hearts today: turn from your idolatry to serve the Living and True God by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, whom He sent to take away our sins. God’s heart didn’t change between the Old and New Testaments, as some claim; His plan has only been revealed more fully in His Son. As I meditated on the truths I was mining in my study, I wrote this poem, based almost entirely on verses scattered throughout Isaiah.


Stop your foolishness

Bowing before a block of wood

Your idol—though not from a tree

Will burn up just as quickly

Return to Me

Listen and receive My redemption

Consider all I have done

Consider all I have made

Are there any like unto Me?

I know of none

Return to Me

Know the shortness of your breath

Cease to do evil

Learn to do good

Seek Me while you may find Me

Call upon Me while I am near

Return to Me

Seek Me day by day

Delight in the Lord your God

I was pierced for your transgressions

O turn and be saved!

I am the only Redeemer

Return to Me

Return to Me

For I long to have compassion on you

Your sins though crimson

I will make white as snow

I will wash them away

I will forgive your transgressions

For My name’s sake

Return to Me

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  1. Abigail said,

    I just started through Isaiah again the other day…it’s fascinating to see God telling how He will punish them…but then how He will bring them back and make them beautiful again. How he will use ungodly nations to spank them…but then discipline those nations for touching His people. In one of the Psalms Israel is called God’s “treasured ones”–what a beautiful thing! What a blessed people! What a forgiving God!

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