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While studying for his Master’s Degree, Jonathan Edwards scribbled this sparkling tribute in the front page of a Greek textbook:

“They say there is a young lady in New Haven who is beloved of that almighty Being, who made and rules the world, and that there are certain seasons in which this great Being, in some way or other invisible, comes to her and fills her mind with exceeding sweet delight, and that she hardly cares for anything, except to meditate on him–that she expects after a while to be received up where he is, to be raised up out of the world and caught up into heaven; being assured that he loves her too well to let her remain at a distance from him always. There she is to dwell with him, and to be ravished with his love and delight forever. Therefore, if you present all the world before her, with the richest of its treasures, she disregards it and cares not for it, and is unmindful of any pain or affliction. She has a strange sweetness in her mind, and singular purity in her affections; is most just and conscientious in all her actions; and you could not persuade her to do anything wrong or sinful, if you would give her all the world, lest she should offend this great Being. She is of a wonderful sweetness, calmness and universal benevolence of mind; especially after those seasons in which this great God has manifested himself to her mind. She will sometimes go about from place to place, singing sweetly; and seems to be always full of joy and pleasure; and no one knows for what. She loves to be alone, and to wander in the fields and on the mountains, and seems to have someone invisible always conversing with her.”

He spoke of thirteen-year-old Sarah Pierrepont, a young lady whom he had come to know and admire. Others recount her as attractive, but the beauty that bubbled up from within caught the heart of a man who loved God, and earned his praise. Four years later, in 1727, Jonathan and Sarah were united in an uncommon union to the glory of God.

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

Oh to be such a woman as to earn such a tribute, and yet to be such a woman as to never notice the tribute had been given.

Lord, to be in love with Thee,
As to be so consumed with Thee,
That, unaware of others’ eyes
I would be so in tune with Thee

That they would say I knew Thee, Lord
That they would see I so adored
The One who so loved that He gave
His life to save me from my grave

That offering the world to me
Would prove a waste of energy
For Thou art of such perfect grace
As to be all, before my face

To capture every thought and word
To be all that my Spirit heard.
That I’d be praised for seeking Thee
And yet, that praise, not even see.


  1. Abigail said,

    I was searching for information about Sarah Edwards when I came across this precious tribute by her husband at I recommend checking them out for some excellent articles and encouragement!

  2. Kaylene said,


  3. Jasmine said,

    Beautiful. Sarah Edwards is sort of a “hero” to my mother and me. I wonder if you’ve ever read the book “Marriage to a Difficult Man” ? Wonderful!

  4. Abigail said,

    Jasmine, I have heard of the book…and heard it highly recommended, but I’ve never been able to find it. Where did you get it? Sometimes the era of the Puritans seems slightly depressing to me, as many of them seemed, along with their desire for holiness, to struggle with fear and guilt and miss the joy of the Lord–but not Sarah! The more I read of Sarah, the more I long to look more closely at her life–holiness and purity come with delight in the Lord!

  5. Connie @ Practicing Theology said,

    I recognized that quote right away! I dearly love reading about Sarah and Johnathan’s ‘uncommon union’.

    Thankfully, “Marriage to a Difficult Man” came back into print several years ago. I stumbled upon the book in the Seminary (DTS) library back in the late 80’s–it was then out of print. Subsequently found my own copy (what a treasure!) at a simple and obscure used bookstore in Shawnee, OK!!

    You might be interested to know that Sarah apparently went through a dark period of her own in the winter of 1742–a whole chapter in “Marriage to a…” is devoted to this topic.

    You can probably get a copy through Grace and Truth Books! 🙂

  6. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    I love that quote–so inspiring. And a beautiful poem, Abigail! Thanks!

  7. Marcia said,

    What a great post, you two. This was encouraging to me. Connie, I still need to get a copy of that book!

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