Power, Love and Discipline

November 14, 2008 at 7:15 am (Flowers of Thought) (, , , , , , )


I walked into the college library one day, laptop tucked under my arm and cast a quick smile at a little Japanese girl, sitting nearby. As my computer booted up she approached me with her own laptop. “Can you help me?” A wave of helplessness washed over me as I looked at her screen-not the blue screen of death, but the completely normal screen with EVERYTHING in Japanese. I maneuvered my way through familiar icons to help her connect to the internet and sent her on her way, ignoring the little voice that whispered, “You have something more important to help her with-she needs Jesus.” Paul told Timothy to fan into flame his gift-apparently evangelism. And he said, “God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of POWER, LOVE and DISCIPLINE.” No one ever quotes that verse with the last two, but they really struck me. Often I shy aware from sharing God’s truth-afraid I won’t be able to communicate. Afraid I’ll find a hard heart. Afraid I’ll offend. God’s given us His power to speak out in boldness. He’s also given us His love for the lost to speak out in boldness. And He’s given us His discipline-after all, we are His disciples. It’s not easy. It takes effort and practice-even for someone with the gift of evangelism, as Timothy apparently had. But it’s something God’s given us, and we’d better be using it.

Lord, I’ve got the power inside
Which formed the moon to rule the tide.
I’ve got the love which sent Thy Son
To give His life for everyone.

I’ve got Thy holy discipline
Now freeing me from self and sin.
Why do I fear the broken soul
When Thou hast made my own heart whole?



  1. Faith said,

    I think we’re often too afraid to offend people. We don’t talk about Jesus because we’re frightened we might upset people. We don’t go and visit people because we don’t want to be a burden. I am deathly shy and I find it very difficult to talk to people I know let alone those I don’t. But I really need to stop this – this is a matter of life and death, literally! I personally need to react when I hear that still small voice telling me to share a kind word with somebody and not sit there wondering how they’d take it.

  2. onlyonelife4jesus said,

    Those last two sentences explain it perfectly. “Why do I fear the broken soul, When Thou hast made my own heart whole?” I will never forget hearing a broken woman speak about soul winning. She came from a hard place, a place where she realized she had nothing (more than we realize our hearts are full of nothing but our own deeds). I will never forget what she said, “He gave me so much in that free gift. How can I HELP BUT tell others?!”

  3. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    This was a great and timely reminder for me, Abigail! Nathaniel and I and a group from church are doing a cook out/evangelism outreach tomorrow. I’ve been so timid lately, but I’m looking forward to this opportunity. So it’s good to be reminded that we are to boldly proclaim God’s good news–and that our great God supplies the grace we need to do it! If any of you read this tonight or tomorrow morning, please be praying that God would use our feeble efforts to bring some to salvation and to make His goodness known!

    Grace and Peace!

  4. debbie said,

    For me it’s a fear of rejection. I need to realize the fear of rejection is temporary, but a soul lost for eternity is not. thanks for sharing a good reminder!


  5. Abigail said,

    Ladies, you are so right…we have all kinds of fears. I think of Jesus who said, “Don’t fear those who can harm the body but after that can do nothing…fear God who can throw both body and soul into hell!” and the prophet who said, “STOP regarding man, whose breath is in his nostrils.” My perspective is so wrong when I worry about what people will think!

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