Wasted Emotion

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Posted by Abigail

Christmas was fast approaching as my friend, Lauryn, and I soaked in the hot tub and dived into one of our typical sort-it-out conversations—this time about emotions. Because we are both very definitely women, and we both very definitely have them. By the time our skin had wrinkled like a soggy walrus we’d concluded that God created us with emotions—in order to worship and enjoy Him. A few days ago, we sat on my bed discussing this nagging issue once again—this time focusing in especially on anxiety, an emotion we find plaguing us both. Because every season in life carries uncertainty. Tomorrow has worries. Over the past several months the Lord has been working in my heart and understanding to reveal to me how anxious I am and how dishonoring to Him my anxiety is.

“Be careful how you walk,” Paul told the Ephesian believers. “Make the most of your time. Don’t get drunk, that’s wasteful.” (Check out Ephesians 5:15-21) Recognizing the wastefulness of getting drunk—or wasted—isn’t particularly foreign or counter-culture. But the point of Paul’s message is so much more than the cry of a teetotaler. “Don’t be wasteful,” he warns us. I find myself glibly pointing out wasted money, wasted time and wasted energy, the whole time spilling out emotional energy that was meant to be poured at the feet of Jesus. My emotions are a stewardship I find much more daunting. The Lord has blessed me with an abundance of emotional energy. What am I supposed to do with it? Paul offers the solution. “Don’t be wasteful, but be filled with the Spirit!”

Solomon speaks in Ecclesiastes of a time for everything: for sorrow, for joy, for death, for life, for love, for hate. My heart flooded with truth when I discovered that there is a time for anxiety. David was anxious because of his sin. When we are at enmity with God, cut off from His mercy, lost to His grace, we ought to be anxious. We ought to worry. We ought to be terrified and afraid. But perfect love casts out fear, and when we have such evidence of love as Christ’s death for us, we find the cure for anxiety in the words of Jesus Himself. “Don’t be anxious about your life…all these things the pagans chase after…You seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness.” He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, will He not also along with Him, graciously give us all things? In Jesus we have everything pertaining to life and godliness.

Jesus redirects us to pursue God’s kingdom. Paul redirects us to gratitude. “Sing! Rejoice! Give thanks!” Look at what the Lord has done for us! He saved us, not on the basis of works we’ve done. We needn’t be anxious about our works! He provides for the birds of the air. He died for us! Won’t He supply all our needs? We needn’t be anxious about our needs. He chose us from before the foundation of the world, that we might walk in Him. He is the beginning and the end. We needn’t worry about the future! Who can bring a charge against us? Jesus is the judge who justifies! We needn’t worry about our salvation. We are secure in Christ. Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. We have the Spirit. We needn’t waste any more energy on anxiety. God is in control. And we are blessed to be His stewards.


“What do you do when you’re anxious?” Lauryn and I asked each other. When our hearts start pounding, our thoughts start racing and the emotions seem beyond our control, we’re learning to guide them back to the truth, by the Spirit. We sing. We thank. We pray. We rehearse God’s works. We remember His grace. We cling to His promises. Sometimes we weep. Always we grow.

And always the Lord proves faithful. Always He is in control. Always, through His mercy and peace we survive. We more than survive–we overwhelmingly conquer.

Listen to Lauryn’s original song, “Do Not Be Anxious”. Enjoy!



  1. Jasmine said,

    What a great post ~thank you so much!

    Lauryn, I listened to your song ~so beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Jillian said,

    The internet scares me to death! I am amazed at the ability I now have to be so encouraged by my fellow sisters in the Lord, yet not know them! 🙂 God is so good, and I want to thank you both for allowing Him to work through you. I don’t know how I even came to discover your blog, but whenever I visit, the truth of God’s word works in me one way or another ( but, why should I even be surprised? He promised it would! 🙂 ) And, He knew I needed reminded of the truth you present in this post tonight. Thanks a million times over for taking the time to be available to our Father. His providence is wondrous, but He is even more so! Thanks again!

  3. Lindsey said,

    I really like your blog!

  4. Abigail said,

    Jasmine, doesn’t Lauryn have the most amazing voice? 🙂 Glad you got to hear her song…I’ll pass your note on to her.

    Jillian, thanks so much for the encouragement! It IS amazing how the Lord works in bonding us together…without ever meeting! I know I’ve been blessed even by the evil internet–the Lord can use anything! Thanks for reading and leaving us an encouraging note!

    Lindsey, thank you. 🙂

  5. Peggy said,

    Blessings…I so enjoyed Lauryn’s voice & song. Does she have a CD or a YouTube? I really needed this song and I appreciated hearing her sweet, amazing voice!
    Thank you for blessing me & posting on emotions!!!
    Great teaching! Now I just wish I had a hot tub!(lol)

    I love to be so blessed by other sisters in the Lord!
    Good points on what to do as you do and say. But much more importantly to follow what God says. Thank you for pointing the Scripture out. I will seek to be more filled up by Him and no more room for worry or being anxious as I watch the horrific news occurring in India & around the world, I will fix my eyes on Him!I will not waste another emotion or moment!

  6. Beth said,

    Thank you for posting on anxiety!! This emotion plagues so many of us–worrying about what tomorrow will bring. I “turn my eyes upon Jesus” and focus on Him. Who knows what tomorrow will be? Only God, and He has everything in His control. So, I trust in God, believe and stand strong on His Word, and most of all, have faith in Him.

    Thanks for the excellent post. I wasn’t able to listen to the song–I kept receiving a message saying that playback has timed out. I’ll come back later today and try again because I love music and God speaks to me through music.

  7. Lauryn said,

    Thanks so much to everyone for your encouragement! Music is a gift from our Father, and anything He gives me to pen, I certainly count as a blessing from Him. I hope you are walking with Him this day and allowing his love to “ruin you, so no other’s is enough.”

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