What He is About to Do

November 29, 2008 at 6:08 am (Flowers of Thought) (, , , , )


Reading through the book of Amos this morning, several things caught my attention. One was the repetition of descriptions of God’s power, followed by the introduction “Yahweh of hosts is His name”. God is a person-not a human, but a person, who has thoughts and feelings-and power. The second was an instance of intercession. When God showed the prophet terrible plagues he was about to send on Israel, Amos begged the Lord to stop-“How can Jacob stand it for he is so small?” Both times he made his plea, the Lord relented. What an amazing thing, to think that a simple shepherd could be so in fellowship with Yahweh of Hosts as to beg Him to stop a punishment-and be answered with favor. And yet, the Lord could not have swerved from His ultimate plan. His plan then, must have included Amos’ intercession–His desire must have been to have Amos plead with Him to be merciful, and to answer and so to shine in the splendor of His own grace. God must love for us to boldly intercede and beg His mercy on behalf of others. And when we do so, we are following the example of the Good Shepherd, who always lives to intercede for us.

Lord, Thou call the humble friend,
The lowly Thou delight to send
For what Thou speak, they must repeat
And with Thy peace, Thou shod their feet.

And Father, Thou delight to show
Thy plans to harm and overthrow
That these same lowly may entreat
Thy favor at Thy mercy seat.



  1. Miss Jocelyn said,

    I have not yet read Amos, but I plan to soon. I’m on Isaiah right now, and I find the same thing you do. Very interesting.

  2. Miss Jocelyn said,

    Oh yes, I see you have your feedburner on here now…. do you know how to add the code for the emailbox to be right on your sidebar? I’m not sure how to sign up for it without that… as I only read RSS in my email box. 😛

  3. Abigail said,

    Hi Miss Jocelyn,
    Since we’re still a WordPress blog, it strips the code for the e-mail form right out! If you click on the link that says “Subscribe to Pearls and Diamonds by e-mail” it should take you to a page that will allow you to subscribe in one of your favorite readers OR by entering your e-mail address.

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