Pride and Oposition

December 13, 2008 at 6:18 am (Flowers of Thought) (, , , , , )


Once upon a time I had a precious friend-a sweet example of humility and purity, I thought. I know she’s been drifting her own way, turning a deaf ear to the Lord, and when I called “to chat” recently, I honestly couldn’t help it– I just had to start asking questions. I can’t bear to see her caught in the lies of the enemy. I’ve shared the gospel with her several times in the past, but the Lord still wouldn’t permit me to make small talk. I had to share again. It was like wringing out my soul to press her for answers, to hear her say she just couldn’t humble herself to repent, to know that she is making a choice that will separate her from me for eternity. Even more terrifying, that will separate her from God for eternity. Why are we so proud? Why do we seek to accomplish on our own where we know we can never succeed, to the eternal torment of our souls? Why do we risk eternal regret to resist momentary humiliation? Lord God, I don’t understand! How do You reach the soul that is convicted of sin, but refuses forgiveness? What a terrible, miserable existence that must be, choked by the murderous fingers of pride. And yet, how often do I also turn my back on my God, the God I claim to serve, and tarry in the arms of pride, drinking deeply of self-love. How is it I obtained the grace that God bestows on the humble? I shake my head in wonder.

Lord, my tears, my bleeding heart
Can never even fill a part
Of all the agony Thou tasted.
Let not Thy precious gift be wasted!

Her decision, God on High,
Is hers alone to make, but I
Must let my thoughts and actions prove
That I am purchased by Thy love.



  1. Debbie said,

    I feel the pain you are expressing for your friend. I never understand how you willingly can make that choice to turn from God. I imagine there is such a pull on the other side that has it’s hold on them.
    God bless you for being faithful to tell her what she needed to hear. Keep being a faithful friend and praying for her.



  2. Sydney said,

    I have turned my back on God once before. While I had friends that tried the aggressive method of getting me back to God but the ones who just stayed by me and prayed for me where the ones that really helped my turn my life around.

    God will give you the words she needs! I’ll be praying for you


  3. Bethany said,

    Abigail —

    Yes! Please feel free to link to the article! Blessings to you!

  4. nobody416 said,

    It’s always so hard when we see friends that are in rebellion against God. I know it breaks my heart to think that when they die they wont be with Jesus. But God is sovereign and good and we just have to pray that he will open their eyes and touch their hearts so they can accept the beautiful truth of the gospel. God bless you Abigail.

  5. Abigail said,

    Thanks, ladies for your sweet sympathy and words of encouragement and prayers! The Lord is good and does good.

    I am so humbled when I think how I claim to trust Jesus…but in my pride I STILL try to earn my own way to heaven–or at least to keep God’s favor. I am such a fool!

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