Jesus’ Girl

December 16, 2008 at 9:57 am (Poetry) (, , , , , )


by Abigail

I coat on make-up, string on pearls,
“World,” I cry, “I’m Jesus’ girl!”

They raise their eyebrows, “What’s the fuss?
“Girl,” they say, “You’re just like us.”

They seize the gold ring in my snout
In pain, I follow them about.

“God,” I plead to understand
“I tried to show them all Your plan!”

I stand before the King of Grace.
He holds a mirror before my face.

Filthy rags are all my best.
His truth can stand alone undressed.

In seeking to appeal to man
I’d obscured His eternal plan.

I’d failed. It is little wonder.
I stole the King of Heaven’s thunder.

Copyright 2006



  1. bbyerly said,

    I like the rhyme scheme, its good

  2. nobody416 said,

    That is so beautiful Abigail! Keep using this gift of poetry that you have been given to serve God. He has really blessed you with this talent.

  3. Kaylene said,

    very powerful, applicable point. thanks for sharing you gift of poetry with us.

  4. Miss S. said,

    Beautiful poem! It’s so fitting for my day today…thank you!
    ~Miss S.

  5. Miss Jocelyn said,

    Thank you Abigail, that was beautiful! 🙂

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