Another Year of God’s Grace

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Several years ago, Abigail made this New Year’s resolution:

Resolved:  That I will never again make another New Year’s resolution.

It’s the only one she’s ever kept.  Sadly, many of us seem very good at making good resolutions and very poor at keeping them.  Even the best of intentions seem to last for only a few days, which can make the launch into the New Year rather discouraging.  This year we decided that instead of focusing on what we’ve accomplished in the past year or on what we hope to accomplish in the next year, we’d like to turn our focus back to God and all that He has and is accomplishing!

Here, at Pearls and Diamonds, we’re launching a new page for “Jesus Tales–and we want to hear yours!  God’s at work changing lives, changing natures, changing destinies.  Please step over to “Jesus Tales” and share how God has called you, saved you and is leading you now!  (You’re welcome to repost from elsewhere and we’ll work on a widget if anyone would like to link to this page of testimonies.)




  1. Larissa said,

    i clicked on both links (separately!) and they both are displaying a 404 error message – page not found. Just thought I’d let you know…I can’t stand having errors on my sites and no one telling me.

  2. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    Thanks, Larissa, for letting us know! They should be fixed now…


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