Why we haven’t been posting…

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Behold a recent scene in our lives:

Location: The Guest room of Abigail’s house.

Time: Shortly before a friend’s wedding, at the beginning of December.

Enter Lauren and Abigail in deep conversation.

Lauren: *insert deep, spiritual content*–

Abigail (glancing around): Uh. Lauren? Cheerios? Why do you have Cheerios on the night stand?

Lauren: Cheerios?  Oh, yeah, I love Cheerios!

Abigail: Cheerios are really good for staving off morning sickness. You’re not dealing with morning sickness, are you?

Lauren (pouts, still trying to keep a secret): You’re not supposed to ask questions like that!

That’s Lauren’s excuse for not posting much lately. She’s been sick. Super sick with morning sickness. Which means her sister-in-law’s long-time dream of becoming SPINSTER AUNT ABIGAIL is finally about to be realized! Nathaniel and Lauren are expecting in August! Hooray!

Abigail hasn’t been posting much lately, either. Here’s her excuse: Her family is currently in the process of switching internet providers. It went something like this: they were offered DSL (as opposed to our slow air-card) and told it would be installed yesterday. So they canceled the air-card. Yesterday, the DSL provider called to let them know the corporate office has had some sort of difficulty–and may not get them hooked up for a month–at least! Abigail’s currently watching the glorious sunrise and posting this from her laptop in the parking lot of the local college!

Hopefully, things will get ironed out and we will soon be back up and running.

In the meanwhile, we’d encourage you to check out the archives.

And especially some of our earlier articles (if you haven’t read them):

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And scribble down your Jesus Story to share with the rest of our readers!

Most importantly, rejoice in the Lord! Pray without ceasing. In everything, give thanks!





  1. princessesindisguise said,

    How exciting! Congratulations Lauren! (and Aunt Abigail! :))

  2. Julia said,

    That’s wonderful!!!

    Congratulations Lauren and soon-to-be Aunt Abigail! 😀 (and Nathaniel, of course) 🙂

    Lauren, are you hoping for a girl or a boy?

    Ohhhh…this is so exciting!!!

  3. Debbie said,

    congrats to both of ya!!

    from a fella “spinster Auntie”


  4. nobody416 said,

    Congrats!!!!!! I was talking to Trey Edwards and he told me that you were pregnant, Lauren, and I got SO excited! You are going to be a WONDERFUL mother! (And you are going to be a wonderful aunt too, Abigail.) I am so happy for you both! God bless!

  5. Larissa said,

    Congratulations Lauren on your exciting news. I hope your morning sickness/nausea lets up. I used ginger tablets with my second, (natural, for travel sickness etc) and it helped a lot.

    Abigail, I hope you IPS is sorted soon, I understand the inconvenience of being unable to do whatever you want when you want. May God use this situation for His Glory!

    Thank you for putting up some suggestions from the archives, I haven’t read most of them and probably wouldn’t have clicked through if you didn’t do that! I’ll read one every other day, and hopefully you’ll be back soon enough!

    Speaking of Jesus Stories, I celebrated my 15th birthday yesterday (my second birthday), I sometimes feel like it was just yesterday I gave my heart to Jesus, yet other times I feel like it’s been forever. I’m so happy that it will be forever that I’ll be with Him!

    God Bless you both and appologies for the long, letter style comment!

  6. Anna said,

    Aww! A baby! Due in August (which happens to be the same month as my birthday!)! I’m excited! 🙂

    Congratulations to both of you! It will be a joy to meet him/her when he/she comes into the world! 🙂


  7. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    Thank you ladies for your sweet encouraging words!

    Julia, I think I’ll be thrilled whether we have a boy or a girl…I get excited about making dresses for a little girl sometimes, but I know I’ll have fun with either. Nathaniel, on the other hand…he’s already DECIDED that it’s going to be a boy. hehe His philosophy is that every girl should have a big brother to look out for her. Lord willing, we should find out in 8 weeks or so. And Nathaniel will be happy with a boy or a girl…he knows God can override his “decision”. 😉


  8. åslaug said,

    I’m so excited! Okay, you might be a little more excited than me; after all it’s your baby =)

    Congrats so much Lauren & Nathaniel, and of course soon-to-be (why soon to be? I’d say since the baby’s already there you’re already the)auntie Abigail!!

    Oh, I love babies =) Possibly even more babies that I know will be brought up in godly homes, to be real arrows =)

    I hope your morning sickness will be better, I’m uh.. a little inexperienced on this subject, so I don’t really have any advice…

    I’ll be praying for your baby, though, (and it’s poor, sick mammy and happy daddy and it’s over-excited auntie)from this moment on


  9. Anna Lofgren said,

    Congratulations, Lauren! I pray that your pregnancy goes well!

  10. Miss Jocelyn said,

    Congratulations officially!!! HUGS! 🙂

  11. bokeesocope said,

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  12. Abigail said,

    What?! Auntie Abigail never responded with her thanks? How rude she is growing! Thank you, ladies, for the congrats to ALL of us. 😀 I’m so excited! Esp since I don’t have the morning sickness. 😉

  13. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    Thank you, Abigail, for that morning sickness comment. 😛

    Thank you, ladies, for your congratulations!


  14. Lauren said,

    Lauren, congratulations on your expected little one! How exciting!

    And, this is a bit random, but I saw in a previous post that your birthday is November 12…and I thought, how cool! We have the same name AND the same birthday. 😀

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