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Posted by Lauren

42-16297736People like to say that having a baby will change your life.  I believe it-because I haven’t had the baby yet and it’s already changed my life!  To enlighten you, I’ll just list some of the things that I can’t do now that I’m pregnant (13 weeks pregnant, to be precise):

  • I can’t drink anything with caffeine in it (they say a little caffeine won’t hurt, but a little is all I could ever handle in the first place, so I cut it out).  No coffee drinks, no Dr. Pepper…
  • I can’t run-I’d gotten up to running 10 miles a week when I got pregnant, and I could have kept up with that if morning sickness didn’t hit so hard…
  • I can’t enjoy food like I used to-anything could make me hurl!
  • I can’t do sit ups-I still don’t completely understand this one.
  • I can’t quickly pick up a three year old and lift him up over my head-I tried this on Sunday…pulled some delicate muscles or ligaments in my tummy.
  • I can’t walk into my kitchen without bracing myself for the awful smell of last night’s dinner, which can make me gag.  I’ve been using Vitamin C drops or throat lozenges to taste and smell something other than the old food odors my overly-sensitive nose now picks up on.
  • I can’t make it through the day without getting about 12 hours of sleep at night and 1-2 hours of nap time.  I’m exhausted!
  • I can’t get nearly as much done as I used to-because of less waking hours, all-day “morning” sickness, and lack of energy.
  • I already can’t fit into half of my clothes!

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Actually, I’m having a blast.  What I’ve listed above is only half the story.  And it fades in comparison with the joy and excitement that God is knitting together a little baby inside me!  Those things I listed are all things I can’t do, but this article is really about my new experiences with a new life inside, remember?  Here are some of the beautiful things I’ve gotten to do and learn as a result of God’s gift:

  • I’ve gotten to watch from the outside as my body totally rearranges to accommodate my child-God is transforming me into a baby factory!  It really is amazing.  Some new hormones take over and prepare me for carrying and nurturing our baby, as well as for breast feeding when the baby arrives!  I’ve not gained any weight yet, but I sure have grown-my waist is disappearing and my belly has gotten 3 inches bigger already!  I marvel at the fact that for the first time in my life, I’m excited to see my waistline grow!
  • I’ve gotten to see what’s taking place on the inside, too.  Ultrasound technology is pretty cool-we got to see our baby at 8 weeks, and even see its little heart beating!  For my 12 week check up we got another ultrasound, and the baby has grown to be about four times bigger than it was a month ago!
  • I’ve started to swim with a neighbor friend at a local gym.  This has been a fun, new kind of exercise for me-and it’s supposed to be great for my body and the baby!  Plus, my neighbor is pregnant, too, so we’ve gotten to know each other a lot better because of our common situation.
  • I’m learning patience and trust in the Lord because of the “gift” of morning sickness.  Feeling run over and queasy all day every day isn’t my goal in life.  But God has been good to give me precious time in fellowship with Him.  I’m learning to accept the “inconveniences” of pregnancy as gifts from His hand to develop my character-my all-wise Father knows I need it!  And I can rejoice that the very fact that I’ve been sick is an indicator that I have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Getting away from poor eating habits has been a blessing.  Despite feeling sick, I know I’m healthier than before because I’ve made changes in my diet to make sure that my baby is getting good nutrition and not a bunch of junk.
  • I’ve been richly blessed by family members and other godly women who are pouring out on me a wealth of wisdom and love, sharing their stories and how their children were worth every bit of discomfort during pregnancy!  I’m starting to fully experience Titus 2, with older women encouraging me to love my husband and my baby.
  • Having less clothes to choose from in my closet has actually made it easier to pick out something to wear!
  • Our world considers me a Mommy-to-be, with some tissue growing inside that will eventually (if allowed to be born) become a baby.  But the truth is so much more beautiful than that.  Nathaniel has pointed out to me that I’m a Mommy already-I’m already working hard to care for our baby.  And we know from God’s word that our heavenly Father already knows the days that are ordained for our child, that He Himself is forming and nurturing our baby inside of me!  All of the little details of appearance and personality have already been decided and are fully known by our God.  Far from “tissue” or merely a “fetus”, this child inside of me is a new being-a person made in the image of God, whom He loves very much.  🙂

It’s sobering to think of the new responsibilities that come with parenting.  I know we’ll need God’s grace every step of the way!  But it’s a joy to know that we are parents now, taking care of this little one as best we can until we can finally hold our baby in our arms for the first time!  So I guess this season of life is training ground for the years of in-person (hmm…or more literally, out of person!) parenting to come!

We praise God for this gift of new life!


  1. Nancy Keely said,

    Ah, so wise in your young age. The observations you share are so refreshing.

  2. Anna said,

    Aww 🙂

  3. Renee said,

    Congratulations! I just found out I’m pregnant with our second – about 6 weeks along. Your post made me cry (because I could relate so deeply…and probably because I’m very emotional too – yesterday I cried because I forgot to change out the laundry loads…LOL). Thank you for sharing. Everything you said was right on point for me. My first pregnancy, I was sick for 7 months. I was miserable, but I felt like the Lord was teaching me so much through that. It was almost as if I needed to be shocked out of my selfish lifestyle – my life was NOT about me anymore. It totally prepared me for the selflessness it takes to be the parent God wanted me to be. My life had to be completely re-arranged to accommodate the precious life inside. Okay, so I’ve written a book here, but I just wanted to say thanks! Great post!

  4. Miss Jocelyn said,

    I loved your post… many, even Christians, today seem to always focus on the “bad” about being pregnant. They don’t realize what an honour it is to carry and create such a beautiful creature – God’s best creature.

    I hope your morning-sickness wears down.

  5. Lindsey said,

    I can only imagine the joy that this pregnancy has brought you. I loved your post! I think pregnancy is so fascinating. Each day brings so much growth and change! Your child is blessed already for the parents he/she has. What a wonderful family to grow up in. Enjoy everyday. This is just another way the Lord loves on us….by creating something new for us to love.

  6. Anna said,

    Like so many good things in life…sacrifice brings joy. Congratulations on your wee one.

  7. Connie @ Practicing Theology said,

    Physical and emotional challenges are a truly humbling reminder of how we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’–and always should point us to Him! He is always at work preparing/equipping us for what He has ordained for us, which makes our greatest challenge that of correcting our thinking and getting in line with Him–something you clearly are busy doing!

    I’m clearly in a different ‘season’ of life than you currently are, but trust me that doesn’t mean I no longer need to be busy correcting my thinking and getting in line with Him. The lessons are much the same, just applied in different ways! Blessings!

  8. Olivia said,

    I am so excited for you, Lauren!!! You are going to be such a great mother! I was actually almost squealing while reading this because it is so sweet the joy that you have over this little one. It will sure be exciting when he/she comes into the world and to see what God has planned for his/her life. I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for both you and the baby! God bless!

  9. Larissa said,

    # I can’t do sit ups-I still don’t completely understand this one.
    # I can’t quickly pick up a three year old and lift him up over my head-I tried this on Sunday…pulled some delicate muscles or ligaments in my tummy.

    Lauren you answered the first with the second. Your tummy muscles and ligaments are all loosening, yes already, to be ready to be able to stretch the incredible size some people get to accommodate the baby. Your tummy muscles actually separate and you’ll see/feel this after you’ve had bub. There is a hormone that pregnant women have more of that allows the ligaments to be super-stretchy. So be careful that you don’t over extend youself in other ways as it is throughout your whole body and effecting ALL your ligaments (ligaments join muscles to bones).

    The lovely 2nd stage will be kicking in soon…I was violently ill for almost four months with my first and was so happy when the 14th week past and I was able to do something other than be sick all the time.

    It’s such an exciting time…take lots of pictures of yourself and enjoy it as much as you can…
    Time passes so quickly, I loved being pregnant and was only twice. Cherish this special time. 🙂

  10. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    Thank you all for your encouragment, prayers, and words of wisdom! 🙂

    I have a happy update: I have not thrown up in over 2 1/2 weeks! YAY! So things are definitely improving.

    And Abigail managed to find a baby ticker (top right of page, under our pictures) so that we can all see how far along I am, and how soon this little one will be here! 🙂

    Grace and Peace to you, my sisters!

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