Skip the Stores!

March 2, 2009 at 3:06 pm (Homemaking, The Domestic Economy) (, , , , , , , , )


Are you in the market…

…for clothing, shoes, or home décor? And would you like to save a few bucks while you’re shopping? (Who wouldn’t?!?) Before you head out to your favorite department store (or even Walmart or Target), check your cheaper options first. Thrift stores and garage sales are excellent places to find great deals on all kinds of items. I recently bought a shirt at the Salvation Army Store for $2. Later that day, when I was in Walmart, I saw the same shirt still on sale for $12! Ah…success! Also check out Good Will, or any locally-owned thrift stores you know of.


Garage sales are perhaps a better resource if you live in a metropolitan area. Get the newspaper ads on Thursday or Friday and map out your plan of attack. Think about where the more expensive neighborhoods are and be sure to make them the priority. The folks with the most money will have the nicest stuff and will probably have barely used it! I got a never-worn name-brand sweater for a dollar! And if you’re looking for rugs, furniture, wall-hangings, curtains, or baby clothes and toys, garage sales (or the ad pages of your newspaper) are the place to start! Keep in mind that if you go garage saling on Saturday only, the sales that started on Friday morning are probably not the ones you want to focus on—they’ve already been picked over. You want Saturday only garage sales unless you actually have time to get out there on a Friday. When Saturday morning comes, get out there early and bring cash! And set a budget—all of the interesting things you’ll find at garage sales can tempt you to spend more money if you’re not careful!


On the flip side, when you have too much stuff, remember that you can donate to the local charitable thrift store or to a local shelter. Or, if you need some cash, you can have your own garage sale or post an ad in the paper (just remember that newspaper ads aren’t necessarily cheap).


  1. Lindsey said,

    I completely agree!!! In fact, I got several cute items at some second-hand stores in Fayetteville this past weekend! Some of them were only a quarter! I reeeaalllyy like bargains….. 🙂

  2. Connie @ Practicing Theology said,

    There’s nothing like a really great bargain! I became an avid garage sale and thrift store shopper way back in the 80’s while DH was attending seminary, and have passed that practice on to our daughters! 🙂

    The only ‘down side’ to this habit/choice is I can rarely resist telling people of the great deal I got when/if they pay me a compliment on those items–my $6.00 Coldwater Creek dress, my $2.00 Talbot’s cardigan, $3.99 Naturalizer shoes, etc… 🙂

  3. Darlene said,

    Thanks for this excellent article! It is a blessing more than you’ll ever know. Thank you.

  4. nobody416 said,

    Our family gets so many things at thrift stores! We usually check there before the “real” stores. The only problem is that we don’t live in a very big area. So even though our Goodwill is a decent size, it’s a little harder to find what I’m looking for. Our family typically gets our clothes from thrift stores, garage sales, hand me downs, and clearance. :)I’m one of the only teenagers I know that thinks $20-$30 dollars for a pair of jeans is too much! We have found some of the coolest things for the lowest prices!

  5. Queen of Fifty Cents said,

    Great post, good advice! I rarely buy anything in a store anymore other than food–yard sale shopping is just so much more exciting. I find fabulous stuff every weekend for next to nothing. Too fun!

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