Lesser of Two Evils?

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Posted by Abigail


Two statements concerning girls have come to my attention:

Girls are evil (Girls = evil, mathematically stated, as evidenced below):


Girls are the lesser ones. (Boys > girls)

So, if girls are evil and are also the lesser ones, doesn’t that make us the lesser of two evils?

Because we have been denied the ability to be more evil than guys.

Which makes us, in effect, the better half of society.

Proven as follows:

It’s common knowledge that mankind is evil. All of them. So if girls are lesser than boys (note…they didn’t say lesser what), they also must be a lesser evil. Very simple.




Boys > girls

we have:

Boys > evil

Which means that boys are more than evil.

Here’s a good/evil line:

(Perfect) (Almost perfect) (Very good) (Good) (Almost good) (Almost evil) (Evil) (More evil) (Wicked) (Downright devilish)

Girls = evil & Boys > evil

So the evil value for boys falls to the right of that for girls…making them MORE evil than girls.

Though willing to work within the framework of two faulty assumptions to make a logical point, I now find it necessary to go back to the root for a more truthful statement:

In that, if girls cost Time x Money then the equation

girls = Time x Money (and therefore girls = evil)

is false.

It implies that possessing girls equals possessing time x money, which is rather opposite of the truth.

Two other options for the idea that girls cost boys time and money are below:

boys – (Time x Money) = girls or girls = -(Time x Money)

with a shortcut from the earlier formula we derive:

boys – evil = girls or girls = -evil

So we have boys minus evil equals girls, which means that boys are more evil than girls. You must either take evil from the boys to get girls or you must add it to the girls to get boys!


we have girls equaling a negative amount of evil, which would imply that girls are equal to less than evil–or have no evil at all!

What’s my point?

Simply this: most prejudices are based on misunderstanding or logical fallacies.

Note: The logic shown in this post is simply the derivative of logic employed by those > I and has no bearing upon my actual sentiments.


  1. Sydney said,

    LOl! I’ve been doing geometric proofs this week and this brings that to mind!! Thanks for sharing, it gave me a good giggle/laugh/chuckle.

  2. Tessa said,

    Too funny! That was great! Thanks!

  3. Kerra F. said,

    I love how this “has no bearing upon [your] actual sentiments.” 😛

    Super cute!!

  4. A Sweet Fragrance » Blog Archive » Sunday April 5, 2009 said,

    […] 9. On a lighter note, here’s mathematical proof that girls are less evil than boys. […]

  5. Barkerman said,

    Wait without money or time a guy wont have girls so your point is flawed. I dont agree with the original equation that girls=Evil but it is still funny.

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