Love is a verb

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The following entry in one of my old journals–nearly five years old–turned out to be a convicting reminder of the simple practices of love.  In five years, I fear I have not greatly improved in this area at all.  Yet, God is faithful to remind me–even through the medium of my own pen.  –Abigail Joy

I need to exert more effort in loving by:

*Not talking about myself

Esp. accomplishments, things I think I did well, funny things I did or said, speech contests, things I have written, things I have made, things I want to do.  Instead I will ask questions about others.

(This will allow others to have the glory instead of trying to gain it for myself)

*Taking time to think positively

Instead of allowing myself to dwell on negative circumstances, or other’s negative traits, I need to intentionally look for the potential good and for good qualities

(This will raise my estimation of others, make treating them with respect easier and lower my own self-righteousness)

*Taking time to serve

Esp. small unnoticed things for which I won’t be thanked and tasks that I dislike.

(This will turn my mind from my own agenda and make me less resentful when asked to go out of my way for someone else)

These three simple things should help make me more loving by fostering patience, kindness, humility, gentleness, service and endurance and should help eliminate angry outbursts, grumbling, sudden selfishness, taking offenses, rudeness, impatience and envy.

Love is a verb.

I must take action!

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  1. troubador11 said,

    keep striving for those things. though hard when we do accomplish putting others first its really the happiest best feeling. 😀 wonderful post

  2. Cheri Bunch said,

    I needed this today. Thank you for checking your storehouse for past treasure. You ministered to me!

  3. Miss S. said,

    Wow. Thank you, Abigail! This is exactly what I needed to hear right now.
    ~Miss S.

  4. A Sweet Fragrance » Blog Archive » Monday June 8, 2009 said,

    […] 5. Love is a verb. […]

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