Happy Birthday to Us!

June 16, 2009 at 6:19 am (Announcements) (, , , , , )

A year ago today we published our opening post–The Birth of Blog–and launched the Pearls and Diamonds site. Since that time we’ve bounced up and down on our ability to get posts up, but we’ve always been blessed by the feedback and by the outlet for thinking and learning. 🙂

In honor of the event, we’re giving away a handcrafted Pearls and Diamonds bookmark–featuring a crown decorated with pearls and diamonds (as per our goal of being jewels in the crown of the King of Kings). Enter by leaving a comment and letting us know what your favorite article/post  has been. For an extra entry, announce the giveaway on your blog or social networking site and let us know. We’ll bring the giveaway to a close July 1st and pick a random winner.

random 256

It’s cuter than it looks in the picture. (Thanks to Josiah, Abigail’s brother, for making it!)



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  1. Vanessa said,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year! I think my favorite post so far was “Daddy, May I Help You?” – and many others, too!

  2. anna said,

    my favorite article is the one about swimsuits!!!

  3. cindy sigmon said,

    Happy Anniversary, Ladies!
    I appreciate your faithfulness!

  4. Miss S. said,

    It’s so hard to choose just one favorite! I do very much like “love is a verb” and “lesser of two evils” (lol)…Thank you for being such an encouragement!
    ~Miss S.

  5. Chelsey said,

    My favorite was Abigale’s post on accountability. If only we were all willing to open the door. Sin is a horrible infestation, like mildew. It grows and infects more areas than you think. Knowing that others run into the same problems, is encouraging.

  6. Anna K said,

    My favorite post was the “7 ways to stay happy at home,” even though I really enjoyed and benefited from others as well!

  7. Debbie said,

    Happy Anniversay Lauren and Abigail!!!

  8. Esther said,

    hmmmm now that’s hard! Can I just pick a topic?? ok here goes….all the posts about modesty. I feel so encouraged by them to know that I am not the only one not ‘selling’ my body. God bless you both abundantely.

    lots of love from New Zealand

  9. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    […] Happy Birthday to Us! […]

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