An update of Baby Scott

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We’d scheduled me (Abigail) for a visit to Nathaniel and Lauren this week, in hopes that the baby would come a little early so I could be here for the birth.  It looks like our hopes will be fulfilled, though not quite in the way we’d anticipated.  Below is an excerpt from an update e-mail Lauren sent out to family:

This week has been a bit crazy.  I developed a nasty rash on my belly button about two weeks ago.  Only about 4 or 5 days ago I noticed some red, itchy bumps developing on my inner thighs.  I thought it was related to shaving.  But they spread and are now red, itchy welts/blisters.  And the bumps have covered my legs, the tops of my hands, and my forearms.  They’re continuing to spread to my upper arms, belly, and feet.  We thought it was a pregnancy related thing called PUPP, but our doctor, who we saw both yesterday and today, was concerned and at our appointment today said she thinks it’s Gestational Pemphigoid which is a pregnancy-related autoimmune disease. I’ve  done some reading online and I think she’s right.   Basically the placenta causes the mother’s immune system to attack her own skin leaving itching, blistering burns.

Because there is potential risk to the baby, (and a lot of unknowns because this is such a rare condition), she suggested we induce as soon as possible.  The soonest she can get us into the hospital is Thursday at 7am.  So that’s the plan.  In the mean time I’m on some powerful medications to help with the itching (which is pure torture) and suppress my immune system.

This is a real bummer in that it doesn’t fit nicely into our plans for a completely natural birth (but who said life unfolds according to our plans anyway??).  We trust that the Lord will accomplish His good purpose in this, and that He’ll take care of me and the baby.  I’m just thankful that this thing didn’t flare up earlier.  We’re quite blessed to be so close to my due date.  Perhaps the worst news is that this disease will likely affect future pregnancies.

But the Lord is in control!  We know that He is good and does good.  And hopefully we will have a baby by this weekend!

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“Contractions Starting Now”

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With the birth of Nathaniel and Lauren’s baby almost upon them, they’ve been faithfully putting into practice all that they are learning at their Bradley Method Natural Childbirth class.  Part of Nathaniel’s job as “coach” is to help his wife relax, so he developed a new “game.”  Any time he says “contractions starting now”, Lauren is to lean back in her chair, close her eyes and relax.  They were out to supper one evening at a nice, little restaurant when Nathaniel suddenly said, “Contractions starting now.”  With a sigh, Lauren put down her fork, leaned back and closed her eyes, wondering why the game in the middle of a restaurant.  But Nathaniel’s “coaching” had an ulterior motive:  as Lauren opened her eyes she caught him snagging a juicy piece of chicken from her plate!  So much for helping her relax.

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Three Beautiful Blessings

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42-16297736I’m sitting here at my desk, eating some satisfying oatmeal and enjoying the fact that my house is clean. The bathrooms have been scrubbed, the spiderwebs swept away, the furniture dusted (except for a few missed spots where little hands couldn’t reach), the floors vacuumed and mopped where needed. Ah…it’s a good feeling.

And just what is my secret to being eight months pregnant and enjoying a nice, clean home? Three beautiful blessings. Three sweet sisters, ranging in age from 8 to 17.

Not long into my third trimester fatigue began to set in (actually, it just increased—I’ve been tired this whole pregnancy!). I don’t sleep through the night, and during the day I end up having to take a one to two hour nap. And if I ever try to plow through a day with no nap and little rest, moving from task to task, I end up wiped out the next day. My big belly and achy hips mean I move more slowly, wear out more quickly, and can’t fit into places that I used to (example: one side of our bed is only about 12 inches from the wall—this means making the bed is quite the challenge!).

Add to my regular responsibilities all the little things that must be done to prepare for our son’s arrival: wash baby clothes, research baby products, write thank you notes, read up on natural childbirth and godly parenting, get the baby/guest room ready, figure out how to organize baby items and where in the world to put them, find a pediatrician, pack for the hospital… Yes, I am preparing for motherhood!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant, even with its added challenges and limitations! But about a month ago I began to realize I just couldn’t keep up. Groceries, meals, laundry, bills, and budgeting have taken priority over cleaning to be sure. So when I heard through the grapevine that one of the families we knew at church loved opportunities for their girls to serve, I gave it some thought. And when I hadn’t gotten around to housecleaning for several weeks I became desperate enough to ask!

Asking for help was quite humbling. It’s not like I can’t dust or scrub or vacuum or mop (though my back tends to dislike the latter). Each time before the girls have come over I’ve thought to myself, “Why am I doing this? Can’t I take care of these things? I’m not incapable.” And that’s true—many women in my position just clean where they can and keep moving. I could, too. But once the girls get here and we get to talk and laugh and listen to music while they clean and I tackle things like deep-cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and paying the bills, I begin to realize what a blessing I’ve been given. Not only do I get my house cleaned, but it affords me the time to do some things that I might not have otherwise been able to do that day. And aside from getting things done, we’re all encouraged by each other’s fellowship.

I share this to praise the Lord for the blessing of His people and to encourage you to think about what you could do to help someone in Jesus’ name. It’s summer time. And that means many of you younger ladies have some extra time on your hands. Are there people in your church or in your neighborhood who could use a hand? Are any sick, disabled, or just worn out from all of the responsibilities that they have to juggle? Are there any pregnant ladies, elderly folks, or single moms in your life? Or even mothers with a few young children? Can you clean, prepare a meal or treat to share, write an encouraging note, offer to watch the kids, or just be pleasant company to those who are lonely? I encourage you to make the most of your time this summer and make someone’s day a bit brighter. You may never know what a beautiful blessing you can be!


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Nearing the Finish Line

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If you’ve been reading Lauren’s posts and enjoying her perspective these days, perhaps you’d enjoy another perspective:  the view of her belly.   Lauren and Nathaniel were blessed with a free photo sitting in the mall the other day which resulted in some lovely images.

With July 4th past, the countdown shows Baby Scott due to make his appearance in less than a month!

Also upcoming in August: the long-awaited Purity articles you’ve asked for!  Actually, as we stewed over the topic, we found so much to cover that we plan to take the whole month of August just to focus on Purity–and it’s implications and rewards!  We hope to include a poll, some articles, our personal experiences and another “His Perspective” survey!  We hope to have lots of feedback because we’re still growing and learning, too!  We’re considering including a “carnival” (is that what it’s called when we link to other good purity articles?) and perhaps a question and answer post and we want your help and thoughts!  Please send us links to your favorite articles, suggest your favorite books (with your comments), flood us with scripture passages, thoughts, poems, convictions, testimonies, etc.  Purity seems to be forgotten in our world of lust and license and we want to hear as well as share encouraging stories!  Send your purity thoughts our way:  pearlsanddiamondsblog [at] gmail [dot] com



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The Results Are In

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With the help of a random number generator, we picked a winner for the Pearls and Diamonds bookmark giveaway.

The winner is Miss S!

Dash us off an e-mail with your address, Miss S. and we’ll send that bookmark your way!



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