Monkeys, Apples, and Diapers, Oh My!

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Posted by Lauren

Well, I think it’s about time I posted something.  So here’s what’s been going on in this Scott home (and hopefully this will give you an idea of why I haven’t posted much lately!!!).

Elijah is 2  1/2 months old now!  The sweet little boy is growing strong!  🙂  We had a “reunion” with our birthing class last weekend since all of the babies have been born now (Elijah being the youngest).  One of the other moms made onesies with each baby’s name on it!  So cute!  Gives me ideas…

Elijah is the youngest, so he's on the end!

Elijah is the youngest, so he's on the end!

With Papa

With Papa

With Momma

With Momma

We had a bit of excitement yesterday.  I did tons of laundry and the drier sounded horrible.  Nathaniel said we shouldn’t run another load through it until he had a chance to look at it and fix it.  But at the time that decision was made, a load of diapers was already going in the washer!  So, we improvised…

Living Room Clothes Line!

Living Room Clothes Line

I had another little oddity yesterday…I finally decided to do some baking, making Dutch Apple Bread since we had some apples to use up.  Well, here’s what I wrote on my Facebook status:

Well, the apple bread flopped. Or should I say slopped? It tested done, but that was only because instead of being “too wet” in the middle, it was nothing but wet! I need to check that oven temperature…Anyway, I scooped the batter off …of the kitchen table and back into the bread shell that I put back into the loaf pan–and back into the oven it all goes! We’ll see if it’s salvageable.

It was indeed salvageable, but it didn’t look so pretty.  We ate almost half of it last night anyway!  We didn’t slice it though–it would have fallen apart if we did!



And here’s a picture of our little monkey today.  🙂


Grace and Peace!




  1. Rachel said,

    Awww! Adorable! Elijah is so cute!

  2. Maiden Princess said,

    Awwww….what an awesome idea! Your baby is so sweet and both Mommy and Daddy look they are immensely enjoying parenthood! May the LORD guide you as you shape and mold this little one for His glory.

    Because of His Grace,
    Maiden Princess

  3. Tessa said,

    Awww! So cute! Your little “monkey” is adorable, and those undershirts are such a great idea!

    Blessings! Because HE is Good, Tessa

  4. Lauren S. said,

    Your babe is too cute! May God bless you and yours. Great diaper-drying idea, by the way.

  5. Simon Owens said,

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  6. Nancy said,

    I love the diapers strung across the room. You should leave it like that :o)

  7. Prernifikelia said,

    Thanks for the informative information – I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. 🙂 Cheers,

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