An Excellent Wife

October 31, 2009 at 1:24 am (Flowers of Thought) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Lauryn and I, well, we’re both free spirits—independent thinkers. We get together and discuss important and fresh things: like marriage. Are you laughing at me? Why shouldn’t we discuss marriage? Perhaps it’s not a fresh topic, but it’s sure important. I’m convinced that nobody’s ever ready, considering simple things like lack of experience, but I’m doing my best. I dove into Proverbs 31 to study out what I should be working on—really to be an excellent woman, daughter, wife or whatever the Lord has in mind for me—and came up with an interesting bit of a list. But what really stood out to me was the virtuous woman’s purpose: all of these virtuous things she does, not as a pursuit of charm, beauty, vanity, money or power, but because she pursues the Lord.

Lord, may I never so seek charm
As to bring my Bridegroom harm
And may my beauty never be
A thing that could tempt eyes from Thee.

May my diligence prove more
To freely give to all Thy poor
That I can live my life content,
For Thee, my time and talents spent.

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  1. Jessalyn said,

    I love this poem

  2. Anonymous said,

    God Bless, I need a lot of prayer and advice on marriage. Me and my wife have been on a bumpy road for a long time. We know it is the devil trying to destroy the beautiful ministry we have together. However we cannot keep it together, no matter how much we pray together. We have tried communicating and when it goes good something else happens. Now we are upset again, because I want the best for her but she cannot understand this. She feels I am being controlling because I want her to recover from a bad pain she gets often. The argument was dumb, I massaged her for an hour, then I told her to put warm clothes on to keep warm and she said don’t tell her what to do and that she has her own mind. Wow I was angry because she was trembling like a lot because she was cold. Idk Pretty much sickness is dividing us from being complete and it hurts me so much that I get angry no matter how muc I want to help her she gets cranky. Sometimes I feel it’s my fault because of my past failures and mistakes. I’m sorry I wrote so much just need help really do.

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