It’s Your Turn!

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We’ve spent the last week or so sharing purity stories (in case you hadn’t noticed)…each of us has been walking a path that the Lord has used to teach us the price and value of purity.

Lauren shared that purity in our lives reflects our relationship with the Lord–we’re not supposed to daydream about other lovers, but we’re supposed to love the Lord purely!  She also shared that meeting the “perfect” man wasn’t a signal to lay down her arms and give in–it was actually just a stronger call to keep fighting the battle–even protecting her physical purity during her engagement so that she could give herself entirely to her husband on her wedding day!  And as a married woman, she shared that the same love that inspires “keeping” as a single woman, inspires “giving” as a married woman.

Megan shared the power of God’s redeeming love as the basis for all purity.  With that in mind, pride doesn’t lead us to true purity.  She expressed that purity is far more than physical boundaries–that it begins with a pure mind and heart and humility!  She also shared how God’s powerful love can redeem even our mistakes and sanctify them for our growth and use them for our blessing!  As a wife and mother (with a fifth on the way!), a pure mind and heart are no less important now!

Amy shared that an invaluable secret to protecting “chastity” is godly accountability–particularly parents!  Contentment is an act of trust and the foundation for trust is knowing and understanding God’s character–that He is good and gives good gifts.  Even when “Mr. Right” entered her life, the Lord still had growth planned for her!  And even after her marriage, she has learned that contentment is still an act of trust!  The day we trust the Lord is only the beginning of a life of trusting.

Sarah shared the struggle of learning to balance preparation and training to be a godly wife and mother with the commands to guard her heart and keep her daydreams focused on the Lord.  One day she came to her parents.  “For my entire life you have been grooming me to be a wife and mother.   What am I supposed to do, erase 16 years of brainwashing from my head?”  She also shared the struggle of balancing a godly friendship with the teasing of “helpful friends” and her own desires for a godly husband.  She also shared how we can tend to trust “good things” that the Lord provides, instead of simply trusting the Lord.

Ana Marie shared the importance of filling our lives with the right things–nature abhors a vacuum, and where there is nothing, usually there is plenty of room for stumbling!  She shared the value of a tender conscience and also the power of confessing even motives to her father.  She also shared how necessary it is to guard our brothers–hearts and eyes–in worship to the Lord.

Abigail shared the danger of creating “high ideals” that are often founded in pride instead of in scripture–since they set us up for failure!  God doesn’t promise us our ideal–no matter how we behave.  He just commands us to obey Him.  She also shared the importance of understanding that both marriage and singleness are pure–and glorify God when submitted to Him.   And she shared the the call never changes–regardless of circumstances, pressures or temptations.  Purity must start and end in love–love for the Lord first and then love for His people–all of them.

Now it’s your turn!  We want to hear how the Lord has convicted you and how you’ve responded to the call to purity!  Leave your thoughts and/or post a link(s) to your story in the comments below!



  1. Abigail said,

    Here is a link to mine 🙂

    Abigail Otwell

  2. eshetkayil said,

    Last year, I was really convicted with regard to this issue. All my life, I was taught the usual conservative/homeschool purity message. I was strait-laced, inflexible, hardcore-good, if you know what I mean. I never did ANYTHING wrong, I never thought the wrong thoughts, I never did the wrong deeds (speaking strictly of purity issues – I wasn’t an angel, for goodness sake! -wink-). And I think it must have started to become a pride issue with me, because G-d showed me last year how very simple it is to be – or THINK you’re being – “good” when there aren’t any temptations to withstand.

    You see, I guess there’s something about my demeanor that sends members of the male faction running for cover. I am just never approached by guys. I don’t get “hit on”, asked out, or anything. It’s easy (or rather, it was) to treat guys with the appropriate distance, because they never try to get closer to me anyway.

    All that changed last year, when I let my guard down a little. Probably out of pride. I just thought I was untouchable. Perfect. I don’t know. And I did end up getting myself into a little bit of emotional trouble. Fortunately, G-d sent me a couple of significant wake-up calls toward the end of the year, causing me to refocus my ridiculous life, and start living like I’m supposed to be again.

    So now, this year, more than ever, I am deeply, fervently committed to living a life of complete purity. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. I crossed a few of my personal boundaries last year, and I regret doing so. But G-d has used my evil for good, as He is always so faithful to do, and I am more alert than ever, keeping a very close eye on my weaknesses and building fences around myself. I am on my guard.

    And quite frankly, I think we all need to be. I thought I would never have to worry about keeping myself pure, or not doing/saying/thinking the wrong thing, simply because of my past “track record”. But that false security is exactly what the devil uses to catch us. Be on your guard, ladies! Don’t give up, and don’t stop fighting. The reward is greater than you could have ever imagined.

  3. Maiden Princess said,

    I will try to get my post on purity up on my blog by Sunday. I’ll leave another commment when I do! Thanks for all your hard work ladies! I really enjoyed the series on purity and the LORD has used several to convict me. I have come away very encouraged and challenged!

    Living Fearless in His Love,
    Maiden Princess

  4. Maiden Princess said,

    Here is the link for my purity post. Part 1 of 2!

    Looking to Him Alone,
    Maiden Princess

  5. Maiden Princess said,

    Um, I mean part 1 of 3! 😉 I couldn’t fit it all into 2 posts and sitll keep my readers interested! So there will be 3 parts to the Proactive Purity series! Here is the link for part 2:

    Living Fearless in His Love,
    Maiden Princess

  6. Sara said,

    Purity is really important to me, because my parents had me out of wedlock. The Lord was gracious and merciful, and led them to marry a few weeks after my birth. They’ve always been honest with me about the situation, and I think that’s what has made me so passionate about purity in my own life. Thank goodness our God is a forgiving God. My parents will have been married for 20 years this year, which is a huge blessing and testimony considering their rocky start. 🙂

  7. Emily said,

    Man, I love this blog.

    My purity “testimony” is not one without regrets, and I know the pain of sin. I also know the power of forgiveness and the power of God who cleanses filthy hearts!

    I’ve been reading several entries throughout this purity series and I’d say it’s definitely got me meditating on “purity.” I’ve been meditating a lot lately on being wholly pure – in mind, body, and soul- and asking the Lord to show me areas where I need change or improvement. The series has also caused me to reflect on staying pure as a married woman, in ways I hadn’t thought of before. And MOST of all, it’s caused me to reflect on how in the world I’m going to raise our kids in regards to staying pure during their “waiting years”…

    My upbringing was quite different than those of whose testimonies I’ve read. I’ve been praying and talking with my husband Tedd about how we’ll train our children in this arena, despite our own upbringings, in a way that pleases God. We don’t have any children yet, but it’s never too early to start seeking the Lord and His wisdom for raising children.

    So, in conclusion :-), my heart is filled with joy because of how God is using this website to spur us on to purity and upmost dedication to Him! Purity is a hot topic on my mind lately (just ask my hubby)!

    Ladies (Abby Joy & Mrs. L. Scott), your work wasn’t in vain & I love ya!

  8. Anna09 said,

    I am unmarried, but I am currently in a relationship with a godly young man who has taught me quite a bit about modesty and purity. Before I met him, I didn’t realize that what I wear affects guys’ perception of me, and I didn’t think it was a big deal to date. In fact, our relationship started as just a “dating” relationship. Thanks be to God that we were convicted of our sin, and our relationship is now an intentional, preparing for marriage relationship. We have dialed back on the physical aspect (no kissing on the lips, and very very rarely on the cheek), and it has made waiting for marriage considerably easier.

    Today I strive for purity in my speech, my love, and my behavior toward others. I stumble, but God always helps me back up. What a blessing it is to seek God’s purity!

  9. Miss Toria said,

    Purity is such a precious thing…thank you, girls, for sharing all your thoughts and testimonies! Purity certainly is a diamond in this rough world…no matter what, protect it and save it. It will be worth any sacrifice when you look into your husband’s eyes on your wedding day and say, “Here. I saved everything, my all, my best…FOR YOU”

  10. Esther said,

    One area the Lord dealt with me was through love songs. Though the words weren’t necessarily bad, I didn’t realize how they could stir the wrong emotions, thoughts…by their lyrics and tune. I have been really surprised how many christians listen to these kinds of songs saying they are harmless and the words are not vulgar so there is nothing wrong with them! The Lord completely took the desire away to hear any songs from one day to the next and I am so grateful! This is one area the Lord has worked on my heart to stay pure.

  11. Schy said,

    Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. – Isaiah 1:18

    I am so thankful that Christ removes my sins from me as far as the east is from the west. I have been in a 3 year relationship that recently ended. I have not been following God’s guidelines for purity. I could hear HIM calling me but I would always put it off for the “next day!”I thought it was okay as long as I asked for forgiveness but I was not grasping what true repentance was and found myself making excuses. Now I am trying to step back into the light concerning that aspect of my faith and get right with Jesus. I began to dress more modestly a few months ago and now God has removed a purity stumbling block from my life. Praise GOD!

  12. Maiden Princess said,

    I wanted to add my last link to the part 3 of the purity series I had posted on my blog. Sorry, this is a bit late 😦

    Thank you again for this series, I believe it is much needed to encourage and give some direction to young women (myself included) living in this world! Thank you for helping us to remember that purity is precious and is of value above anything this world holds! 🙂

    Love in Him,
    Maiden Princess

    Here is the link to Part 3:

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  14. The Purity Posts « Pearls and Diamonds said,

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