God Wants Me to Be Happy

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Or does He?  This is a phrase we’ve encountered often—usually used as a loop-hole to escape obedience—when disobedience sounds like more fun.  It’s a lie.  From multiple angles.  Here are two of our top concerns:

First, our happiness is not God’s primary concern.

Second, disobedience never really makes us happy.

Agree or disagree with either?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Weigh in and tell us what you think.

We hope to cover this issue someday—maybe even soon.  In the meanwhile, Mrs. Parunak at Pursuing Titus 2 handled this issue in a pretty straightforward manner in her article “Wouldn’t God Want Me To Be Happy?”  We encourage you to take a look at what she has to say.


  1. Judy said,

    I agree with both statements and I read the blog you suggested and it was handled very graciously I beleive. I beleive if I got what I deserved I would b in hell, lost forever. God isn’t interested in our happiness at lest the world’s definition of it. He is more iinterested in our love and obedience. The world’s haha hapiness will never fill that void because it is meant for our lord to occupy that place. Being content and fullfilled by obeying our lord and loving Him brings more joy and peace than any happiness that can be found in thei old world. Also, by being disobedient to the lord will onlylead to heartache and will never find true pleasure in this world aide from loving and obeying the lord.

  2. Kerra said,

    I agree. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we have the right to be happy. Many times we’re told we’ll be under uncomfortable situations and will be persecuted for our faith. We’re told to deny our flesh and elsewhere we see what the flesh is made up of, which means we’re denying the things in our flesh that momentarily make us “happy”. Cutting out our flesh hurts! But in the end, even if we aren’t happy in the middle of our sanctification, being called a “good and faithful servant” brings more joy than any worldly thing we try and hold on to to make us happy.

  3. Emily said,

    The fact of the matter is, obedience to Christ will bring us true happiness, and we will be filled with “joy unspeakable and full of glory”. Yes, He does want us to be happy – in Him through following His guidance. (And no, it won’t always be easy.) When we do this, His provision, grace, and love to us will bring us more happiness than we ever knew we could have.

    This makes me think of my two week experience in Nicaragua. There were some very trying times…but God’s faithfulness awed me to no end. Obedience brings more than just happiness…it’s one of those things that cannot be fully explained, but you feel God’s presence…and He provides for every need.

  4. Pearls and Diamonds said,

    Wow! I think you ladies should write our articles for us! I love some of these words ya’ll are using: joy, contentment, fulfilled, obedience!

    We are called to follow our Lord in suffering…to be perfected…and to be in His presence on day…where we will find fulness of joy. That gives us…HOPE! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. southerngrits said,

    Hi! I found the link to your blog by way of the comment section in Jasmine Baucham’s blog. I’m enjoying perusing your blog (and I have a lot more free time now that Jasmine isn’t blogging anymore. 😉 ).
    As for this post, I defnitely agree with your statements. I’ll have to check out the link to the article by your friend. =) Nice “meeting” you. =)


  6. southerngrits said,

    Hmm, a few more thoughts to add here. My pastor challenged me in an area in my life that reminded me of the statements posted here.

    He digressed on a comment of mine –that happiness is not our life goal– which is true, but he rightly pointed me to the first point in the Westminster Catechism: What is the chief end of man? (A) to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. I think my pastor’s right in saying that very often we forget the second half of the statement, to “enjoy Him forever”.

    Realizing that made me see how happy (and perhaps joyful is the correct word here) I can be while serving i.e. glorifying God! In other words, yes, God does want me to be happy.

    I don’t believe this is contradictory to your post, since I understood your point and realize there’s a difference between temporal happiness and true joy. But this definitely inspired me to think through things more carefully! To be a Barean and study the Scriptures. 🙂 Thanks for the launching point for my study!


  7. Pearls and Diamonds said,


    Those are some very good points–we ARE to enjoy God. You are right in making the helpful distinction between happiness (which is based on happenstance) and joy–which comes from the Lord! He does want us to pursue joy–in His presence! And it is very fulfilling and sweet.

    Thanks for sharing!

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