Um…has anyone seen Lauren or Abigail?

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It’s been pretty quiet around here…and we’ll tell  you why, soon.  As soon as we get to it.  😉

Meanwhile, we wanted you to know that we’re not renewing our domain name…so the blog address will just go back to being plain ol’  So you might want to update your bookmarks and links…sorry for the inconvenience!

And the Three Weavers–we still hope to finish it.  Really and truly.  It just got stuck in final phases and…well…the director has been very busy.  We’ll let you know when (if) it finally gets finished.

Meanwhile, seek Yahweh while He may be found.


Lauren and Abigail

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Why we haven’t been posting…

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Behold a recent scene in our lives:

Location: The Guest room of Abigail’s house.

Time: Shortly before a friend’s wedding, at the beginning of December.

Enter Lauren and Abigail in deep conversation.

Lauren: *insert deep, spiritual content*–

Abigail (glancing around): Uh. Lauren? Cheerios? Why do you have Cheerios on the night stand?

Lauren: Cheerios?  Oh, yeah, I love Cheerios!

Abigail: Cheerios are really good for staving off morning sickness. You’re not dealing with morning sickness, are you?

Lauren (pouts, still trying to keep a secret): You’re not supposed to ask questions like that!

That’s Lauren’s excuse for not posting much lately. She’s been sick. Super sick with morning sickness. Which means her sister-in-law’s long-time dream of becoming SPINSTER AUNT ABIGAIL is finally about to be realized! Nathaniel and Lauren are expecting in August! Hooray!

Abigail hasn’t been posting much lately, either. Here’s her excuse: Her family is currently in the process of switching internet providers. It went something like this: they were offered DSL (as opposed to our slow air-card) and told it would be installed yesterday. So they canceled the air-card. Yesterday, the DSL provider called to let them know the corporate office has had some sort of difficulty–and may not get them hooked up for a month–at least! Abigail’s currently watching the glorious sunrise and posting this from her laptop in the parking lot of the local college!

Hopefully, things will get ironed out and we will soon be back up and running.

In the meanwhile, we’d encourage you to check out the archives.

And especially some of our earlier articles (if you haven’t read them):

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Wasted Emotion

And scribble down your Jesus Story to share with the rest of our readers!

Most importantly, rejoice in the Lord! Pray without ceasing. In everything, give thanks!



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Situational Modesty and Upcoming Posts

November 18, 2008 at 9:09 pm (Announcements, Modesty) (, , , , , , , , )

Hello ladies,

Abigail and I are still a little slow when it comes to the meatier articles we intend to write. We hope you’ve enjoyed the more devotional posts we’ve made lately–and the recipes!

I have written and posted about three articles for the series on Situational Modesty, only “diving in” to one situation thus far: swimwear. As I have tried recently to write about other situations I have come up dry. I really think that to appropriately deal with some of the issues we want to address as far as situational modesty is concerned, we need to put a bit more time into developing not only well thought-out articles, but also helpful illustrations and even some fun and more interactive displays of what we mean. So it will most likely be a few months before we move on in the department of situational modesty, perhaps in the spring time when this issue becomes more prominent. To give you a heads-up, the two situations that I have plans for are formal wear and athletic wear. If you can think of any other situations in which you or Christian girls in general are tempted to compromise their standards, please let us know and we will try to examine them as well.

In the mean time, Abigail and I plan to develop articles related to recent issues that have come up in discussion (both online and with local friends), those being the practice of headcovering, women’s roles, and a godly woman’s courage. Abigail’s also got a couple of series in the making focusing on discerning the will of God and on wasted emotions. So stick around! We’ll have plenty of devos, more personal posts, and yummy treats for you to enjoy, as well as a slew of meatier articles that will require more chewing…and a longer cooking time. 😉



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