Redeeming Love: Megan’s Thoughts on Purity

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Megan’s Story

Megan Graham, who graciously shared her testimony of God’s beautiful redemption with us, has also answered some interview questions on the subject of purity as it relates to her experience.  We hope you’ll enjoy hearing what she has to share!

Pearls and Diamonds:  When you were 16, were you pursuing purity?

Megan:  When I was a teenager, I didn’t give much thought to biblical purity. My thoughts were limited to general rules such as “premarital sex is wrong”. I don’t remember being challenged to think about what purity means to God or anything beyond physical purity (i.e. emotional, heart, etc.).

P&D:  Did you have any boundaries?

M:  No, I didn’t give much thought to boundaries. I knew I wouldn’t be sexually active before marriage, but I didn’t think about “lesser” things like holding hands or kissing.

P&D:  What boundaries do you think would have been appropriate, looking back?

M: Looking back, I would have no physical contact. No hugs, no holding hands, and certainly no kissing. I would also desire to have very, very limited time alone.

P&D:  Did pride have any bearing on this issue of purity?

M:  Absolutely. I had desires for approval which boil down to pride. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life were each contributing sins.

P&D:  When you finally trusted in the Lord fully, was there any sense of “new purity” or a clean slate? How did His redeeming love affect your views on purity or your view of yourself?

M:  It took much, much time for me to come to the point of seeing myself as God did- clothed in the righteousness of Christ. I spent several years trying to earn favor in God’s sight and make up for my sin. Once my eyes were opened to His free grace, I did see myself as a new creation in Christ.

P&D:  Did you expect that God would bring you a husband? Or did you think that that was beyond your reach?

M:  No, I did not expect that God would bring me a godly husband. I didn’t think a godly, Christian man would desire a wife who already had a child. I did think it was beyond my reach.

P&D:  Once Gabe came along, did you approach your relationship with him differently than you had past relationships?

M:  Yes. At that point the Lord had matured me and refined me to a point where I was content to do things God’s way or be single.

P&D:  It may be helpful to describe both the consequences of your sin and the blessings that God brought despite it.

M: An obvious consequence was pregnancy. And yet my daughter is also a gift from God and a tremendous blessing. Only God can take the vileness of sin and bring good from it.

P&D:  Any counsel for girls that are pursuing purity?

M:  Purity is far more than physical boundaries. Keeping your heart and mind pure and undefiled is far more important. The physical impurity won’t happen until after the heart and mind have already been defiled. The consequences from impurity are far reaching. I still have images and phrases that pop into my head from many years ago that I pray God would remove. The vividness of movie scenes or imagery painted by words in a romance novel has the same effect in staining a heart that physical impurity does. I would strongly caution any young woman to seriously consider what she puts into her heart by means of novels, movies, or television.

Thanks Megan!  We praise Yahweh for what He has done in your life!  And we’re quite thankful to have you as a friend!

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