Um…has anyone seen Lauren or Abigail?

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It’s been pretty quiet around here…and we’ll tell  you why, soon.  As soon as we get to it.  😉

Meanwhile, we wanted you to know that we’re not renewing our domain name…so the blog address will just go back to being plain ol’  So you might want to update your bookmarks and links…sorry for the inconvenience!

And the Three Weavers–we still hope to finish it.  Really and truly.  It just got stuck in final phases and…well…the director has been very busy.  We’ll let you know when (if) it finally gets finished.

Meanwhile, seek Yahweh while He may be found.


Lauren and Abigail

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Coming Soon: Purity and the Greatest Commandment

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Hello Ladies!

We’ve been working hard (more or less) on a batch of purity related posts and are hoping to get it up starting Valentine’s day!  Our goal is to include a new post every day–including articles on topics related to purity, testimonies (our own and others), lust issues, poetry, thought pieces, stories and even an audio drama, plus we’ll be winding up with a purity ring giveaway from Cornerstone Jewelers!  We’d also love to include trackbacks to your own posts, so keep an eye out for your chance to share your links!

If you’d like to help us spread the word, just grab the button below and post it on your own blog or website!

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Now up!

Purity and the Greatest Commandment

Focusing in on the beautiful truth that love guides purity.

Finding God’s Will:  In Sanctification and Honor

Am I a Cheater?

What Makes a Husband Jealous?

Observations on the Survey

Lust:  It’s Not Just a Guy Thing

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Purity

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and My Heart

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and My Brother

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Marriage

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Matchmaking

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Today

Purity and the Bigger Picture

My Heart in a Field of Dreams

Redeeming Love Pt. 1:  Megan’s Story

Redeeming Love Pt. 2:  Megan’s Thoughts

A Chaste Bride

Sarah’s Paradox

“Lord Willing”

Confessions of an Idealist

It’s Your Turn

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New Year, New Things

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Happy New Year, Ladies!

We look back on the past year and are blown away by the grace of the Lord on our lives.  So many changes!  So much to be thankful for!  We’re excited to see what the new year holds.

For the blog, we hope it holds some changes, as well.  We’ve wondered some about the reality of trying to run a blog and keep up with our home lives but, Lord willing, we will keep blogging for a while yet.  And here’s some of what we hope to get going this year:

We now have a domain name! You can point all your friends to us at our new home And for those of you with links saved, don’t worry—the WordPress address will still land you here.

We’re planning a blog makeover—hopefully this month, so bear with us as we slowly try to redesign and redecorate.  If you have any HTML or CSS shortcuts or tricks, we’d love to hear them!

We’ll be including interviews from women we know who are trying to live lifestyles of obedient worship.  We’re pretty excited about some of the diversity among the godly ladies we know, and we’d love to share with you how the Lord works in the lives of other women, always creatively, always uniquely, always for His glory.  You can expect the first installment next week!

We’re planning to add a page with a bit of clarity on our beliefs. As always, feel free to ask us about anything!

We also hope to get our series on Finding God’s Will rolling—and we’d love to have some interaction as we try to put what we learn into action.  We want to know how you’re working out God’s will in your own lives!  After all, what difference does it make?

And the big news for February is that, if everything goes as planned, we’ll be hosting “Purity and the Greatest Commandment”—a month focused on Purity.  The goal is a new post every day (which will be pretty impressive for us.)  We’ll be including several articles, our personal testimonies as well as the experiences of some godly women we know.  And we’ll incorporate some entirely new content—anyone up for an audio drama?  We’d also love to hear from you, so start now by sharing your own personal purity convictions and how you came to them on your own blog, and toward the end of February we’ll have a linking party to exchange stories!  We’re also planning to wrap the whole month up with a giveaway—of a purity ring.  We’ll get some more details up soon, and provide you with a bumper sticker in case you want to help spread the word.  And if you know of any excellent purity articles, books or blogs that deserve to be spotlighted, send us an e-mail ( and let us know!

Looking forward to worshiping and growing with you in 2010!


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