About Pearls and Diamonds

Conception of a Pearlpsalm-1393

A speck of dust or a tiny parasite, drifting aimlessly through the ocean waters, finds its way into the mouth of a lumpy oyster and settles there. Disgusting! Unable to eject the intruder, the oyster reacts, turning it over and over, coating it with layer upon layer of a shimmery liquid. Hardening, the liquid begins to glow with a soft inner light.

Birth of a Diamond

In the wake of a volcano, boiling Carbon seeps into air pockets in the hard rock of a solid mountain, cuddles up forlornly and begins to cool in the settling debris. As the heat of the volcano subsides, the shape solidifies capturing a tiny sparkle within the hardest shell on earth.

Shaping and Reshaping

Formed in secret, from humble beginnings, each infant jewel is still only a rough shadow of what it must become. The gentle hands of the Creator guide the cruel hands of time, trials and the world to chip away the harsh edges and rough corners until the inner light shines through a perfect form. And then each precious gem, made perfect by the King Himself, is ready to be placed into His crown.

Pearls and Diamonds

Kings aren’t the only ones who wear precious jewels. In days gone by the pearl symbolized innocence and purity and often adorned the hair, neck and arms of the virgin. Diamonds, given as a token of betrothal, embodied the theme of constancy and proclaimed the wearer a married woman. Neither was looked down upon as second-rate. Worthless. Lacking value.

Beauty from Ashes

psalm-1492What are we? Dust and ashes. Shards of the perfect creation God once made, now struggling for existence on a planet that is slowly disintegrating by the law of entropy. But the Creator is never baffled. From the residue of common Carbon or the annoying parasite lodged in the mouth of an ocean-dwelling oyster, the Creator employs His genius to make something of beauty and value. He knows how to make all things beautiful in the right time. Without pomp or fanfare, often in secret, He creates masterpieces for His glory. In the heart of the ocean, He can turn a speck of dust into a glowing pearl. In the bowels of the earth, He can form a melted residue into a sparkling diamond. All through the pouring out of His infinite grace.

Married or single, pearl or diamond, God is shaping you into a woman of worth, to adorn His crown.


  1. kaysie said,

    This is so amazing. I love how you combined the two to create this beautiful message. I am looking forward to all the encouragement to be shared.
    God bless.

  2. lauren said,

    I love your blog! This is such a beautiful way to describe Gods process of sanctification in our lives. I will be checking up on your future posts. By the way do you mind if I put a link to you from my blog?
    “Walking in the shadow of the Almighty”,
    Lauren Ashley

  3. nobody416 said,

    I would be honored to be on your blogroll! Thank you so much! I am adding you guys to mine too.

  4. Clare said,

    Dear Lauren,
    I’ve just stumbled across your neat blog! I’ve just read the article on modesty and found it to be very refreshing and encouraging!

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  5. kay said,

    I love this, my mother has a Diamonds & Pearls Jewel Minitry that is simlar to this what you have,we are trying to bring our people to christ any means nessary…

    be bless..

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