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Living Godly

Practical articles about living Godly in an ungodly world.

Perceiving a Knight in a Windmill

Beheading Ye Olde Beast

Stop, Drop and Roll

Consulting with Father

The Source of Joy

Wasted Emotion

Six Things God Has Taught Me

The Elijah Syndrome

Why Don’t You Open That Door?

When God’s Will Meets Woman’s Emotions

Identity Crisis

Root of Rebellion

Lest We Worship Godliness

Gulping Raw Eggs

Beginning in Jerusalem

Fan the Flame

The Trouble with Edward

Ending is Beginning

Feminine, Feminist, Feminazi

Purity and the Greatest Commandment

Focusing in on the beautiful truth that love guides purity.

Finding God’s Will:  In Sanctification and Honor

Am I a Cheater?

What Makes a Husband Jealous?

Observations on the Survey

Lust:  It’s Not Just a Guy Thing

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Purity

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and My Heart

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and My Brother

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Marriage

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Matchmaking

Purity and the Greatest Commandment:  Love and Today

Purity and the Bigger Picture

My Heart in a Field of Dreams

Redeeming Love Pt. 1:  Megan’s Story

Redeeming Love Pt. 2:  Megan’s Thoughts

A Chaste Bride

Sarah’s Paradox

“Lord Willing”

Confessions of an Idealist

It’s Your Turn


The oh-so-crucial discussion

Making First Impressions a First Priority

Inside and Out

Sunday Best

Situational Modesty: Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Three Cont’d

You’re a Temple

Liberty and the Christian

Understanding legalism, Christian liberty and Biblical obedience

Part One: Let’s Not Be Legalistic

Part Two: The Pharisee and the Weak Brother

Part Three: Seven Principles of FREEDOM

Finding God’s Will

Just exactly what does God want us to do?

He Has Told You What is Good

In Sanctification and Honor

Women of Wisdom

Lives and lessons from Women who feared Yahweh

If It Pleases the King (the story of Queen Esther)

The Art of Appeal (a lesson from Queen Esther)

A Scarlet Cord of Hope (the story of Rahab the Harlot)

The Art of Trust (a lesson from Rahab the Harlot)

Behold, the Lord’s Handmaid (the story of Mary, Jesus’ mother)

The Art of Availability (a lesson from Mary, Jesus’ mother)

At Jesus’ Feet (the story of Mary of Bethany)

The Art of Worship (a lesson from Mary of Bethany)

Virtue is Valuable

Lauren’s thoughts and meditations on Proverbs 31.

Virtue is Valuable

No Decrease in Increase


Worship in Writing

Poetry and stories from our hearts

Return to Me

My Heart in a Field of Dreams

You’re a Temple

All Things Well

Jesus’ Girl

A Christmas Prayer

Judgment and Blessing

Here Lies a Sword

Daddy, May I Help You?

A Simple Prayer


A Lesson from a Rose

One Man Against a Lion

What an Awesome God You Are!

The Absent Hen

3 Runners

Remember the Prisoners

Am I a Cheater?

My Prayers of Dust

Flowers of Thought

Thoughts, meditations and poetry from Abigail’s journals

The Hem of Your Robe

Questions and the Future

Understanding “No”

A Hedge of Thorns

The Valley of Dry Bones

Through Fire and Water

They Say…

Power, Love and Discipline

Bread of Life

What He is About to Do

Esteemed by God

Pride and Opposition

Wherever I Am

Telling in the New Year

Who Wrestles with God

Filled With the Holy Spirit

Faith in His Faithfulness

Love is a Verb

The Lord is Good

An Excellent Wife

He Has Also Made Me Fast

Idol’s Ashes

Completely Single

Encouragement and articles for fellow “Pearls”

Completely Single

My Heart in a Field of Dreams

The Three Weavers

What Are You Waiting For?


Identity Crisis

The Bookshelf

Reviews of the books on our bookshelves

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

His Chosen Bride by Jennifer Lamp

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent

Emotional Purity: An Affair of the Heart by Heather Paulsen

Not Even a Hint by Joshua Harris

A Slice of Life

Pondering, poetry and persuasion from Lauren’s journals.

Return to Me

True Religion

Leasons Learned…and Still Learning!

O To Be a Godly Woman

New Life, New Experiences

Three Beautiful Blessings

Oh, How I Need the Lord

Telemarketers and Cultural Studies

Being a Loner Really Stinks


Snap shots of the women we rub shoulders with every day.

Destruction Over Dinner

True Religion

Teeth and Eternity

From Germany, With Love


Telemarketers and Cultural Studies

Counter Culture

Recipes from our kitchens to yours



Tithing Chicken Salad

Mocha Smoothie

Pita Pockets

Sliced Tomato Pie

That Dip

Chicken Bundles Italian

Yummy Squash Casserole

Melt in Your Mouth Pumpkin Bread

Turkey Casserole

Cappuccino Mix

Egg Nog Quick Bread

Honey Lemon Chicken

Crockpot Enchilladas

Coffee Cake Hellevig

Baked Oatmeal

Whole Wheat Date Scones

Pear Bundt Cake

Cumin Home Soup

Famous Oatmeal Cookies

Mean Texas Chili


A Time to Laugh

Just the funny little things that happen to us every day.

Desirability vs. Availability

Appearance-based Assumptions

Complete Idiots

Christian Community?

12 or 21?

Lesser of Two Evils

Contractions Starting Now

Caught in the Rain

The Skunk Smells His Own Stink


Just ladies who are trying to live in obedient worship.

Totally Dependent Emily

Purity and the Bigger Picture

Redeeming Love Pt. 1:  Megan’s Story

Redeeming Love Pt. 2:  Megan’s Thoughts

A Chaste Bride

Sarah’s Paradox

“Lord Willing”

Confessions of an Idealist

domestic-economyThe Domestic Economy

Tricks and tips we’ve learned for running a tight ship of Home-state.

Soda for baking…and so much more!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Drier Sheets

My Love-Hate Relationship with Vinegar

Skip the Stores

Non-stick cooking Spray?

Leftover Pie


On Respect

On Purity

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